Wednesday, November 11, 2015

fall outfit inspiration

hey all!

just wanted to give all of my lovely readers a big hug and thank you for reading my blog <3 i haven't done much lately (besides going to taipei last weekend--whoop whoop ill be uploading a post on that in a few days <3), but what i have been doing is chilling with friends and taking pictures (haha typical me).

so today i have for y'all two outfits suited for fall ft. mah homie Ree <3

outfit #1: casual

The first outfit (id admit) is more girly than id usually dress, but still cute nonetheless. I'm wearing come casual converse chucks, paired with knee high socks and a plain black skirt form Pull & Bear. On the top, I'm wearing a simple grey long sleeved tee paired with a darker scarf, both of which are from local boutiques in my country. 

Here is a close-up of the scarf--I really love infinity scarves because they are so easy to wear and this particular one is super soft. Also, lately I've been super into grey. 

 Outfit #2: Put together

Ree's outfit is more dressy, with some bold high waisted pants from forever 21, and some chunky heels from a local shoe store called ABC mart here. She topped it off with a plain grey tee that I believe is also from forever 21. I love how the knot on the tee shows off the high waisted silhouette of the pants.

Let me know in the comments below which outfit you would wear! I had so much fun "shooting" with Ree <3 hehe you'll definitely see more of her on this blog in the future! Also, our new campus is super pretty <3 this is super exciting because that means more pretty backgrounds for you all!

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