Friday, November 6, 2015

minimalistic style

ive been super into black, white, and green lately and i think my outfits on my instagram page reflect that :P

theres something very clean about white and black--the crispness of the contrast and the clean cut edges really have an effect on me.

these are all recent posts from my instagram account, so you should definitely check me out there!

i whiten most of my pictures so they appear cleaner and of higher quality :)

also recently its been super "tumblr" to have cactuses in pictures, so i included a few for you all to enjoy :) i actually quite like the contrast of the soft green against the black and white.

currently, i really want to get more black items in my closet, since i realised i don't even own a plain black shirt == sigh.

i also tend to gravitate towards grey and more neutral toned colours lately, as winter is approaching.

all in all, i feel like colour has been stripped from my wardrobe, and the thing is, I'm kinda liking it that way :P

i just re-read this post and i realised it makes absolutely zero sense...must be from all the studying D: (this is a scheduled post, so I'm typing it on 11/1, a day before my midterms T_T). oh well, hope you guys at least like the pictures <3!

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