Wednesday, November 4, 2015

music favs for October

i have a really odd taste in music. on one hand, i love classical, opera, musical-esque things, and on the other hand, i enjoy pop, light rock, and a little bit of EDM.

i don't know if anyone shares my taste in music, but ill share my favourite songs for this month anyway

Modern music (pop, light EDM)

Peach Arizona-drumaq


^i don't think there is a youtube link for this song, but i found it via a youtuber i follow

Talk Me Down-Troye Sivan

another song by a youtuber, I've been playing this song on replay for days

Fools-Tryoe Sivan

here's another song by Troye. Not quite as good as Talk Me Down, but its close.

No Place Like Home-Honne

a friend introduced me to this song a few weeks ago. its been on loop for the last few weeks :P


I'm Not That Girl-Wicked The Musical 

I've loved this song ever since i went to see wicked in london last year, but this month I've been playing it more often than usual (must be the weather)

anyway thats all i have for today.

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