Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wild ft. The Feather Junkie

There is something ethereal about feathers.

The color, the speckles, the softness. Since I was a child, I enjoyed playing with plumage: from quill pens to dreamcatchers, they were right up my alley. But, as all childhood things go, my love for feathers began to diminish as I entered middle school as it began to seem childish.

That's why when I stumbled on feather extensions online, I was super excited. I've had an urge to dye my hair since I was in 6th grade, but my mom would hear none of it. Feather extensions granted me a semi-permanent option to add some colour to my hair and incorporate feathers back into my wardrobe in a more wearable fashion.

The feathers I have in my hair have been kindly gifted to me by The Feather Junkie, an online web store that specialises in feather accessories. I believe they have a clothing section as well. 

The owner was kind enough to let me pick out three feather extension sets of my choice. Each extension contains six feathers of varying length and colour. Their website has a total of 18 coloured bundles to choose from, but if you don't find a bundle you like, they have an option to customise one yourself. I picked out (from left to right) "Mrs. Peacock," "You're a Natural," and "Let's Go to the Beach Peach."

The site describes the feathers as ranging from 8"-12", and have another listing for XL feather extensions that range from 10"-15". My suggestion is to just get the regular feather extensions, as though the website states that they range from 8"-12", the ones I was sent ranged from 10"-14". I don't think the extra inch justifies a $15 increase in price (the regular feather extensions cost $25 while the XL ones cost $40).

The Feather Junkie bundles its feathers with string, which I find to be better than, say, glue. This makes the installation process very easy and simple, as you won't have the fit the feathers in one by one. If you wish to split the bundle, you can just cut the bond.

The feathers themselves are very durable. I've had them in for a few weeks, and they have yet to fade/tarnish. Also all the plumes on the feathers came intact and undamaged, and didn't snag/break when I combed it.

Overall, I really love the look of the feathers in my hair. I especially love the ones from The Feather Junkie because the plumage is full and the colours are vibrant. They retail at $25 per bundle, which I think is reasonable, as they can retail up to $40 elsewhere.

You should note that the listing does not include micro links, but the website does sell them as a separate listing.

The Feather Junkie has their own installation tutorial that I followed! The process is easy and simple.

Along with the feathers, I was sent this feather ring, that retails at $12.50. I am not a jewellery person, but if I had to choose, rings would probably be my favourite. The ring is pretty heavy, which I guess is a good thing, as it doesn't feel cheap at all. It is adjustable, which is also a plus.

The ring itself looks nice paired with stackable bracelets and a few necklaces :). 

The Feather Junkie also has a huge array of feather earrings, which are gorgeous and perfect for a music festival. Sadly, I don't have earrings, so I can't review those for you guys! 

Check out The Feather Junkie's page here for more information on their awesome stuff :).

Till next time,

*The above items were kindly sent to me by The Feather Junkie. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I've never actually worn any sort of extensions in my hair before but I can see why you like these feather extensions. They give off such an effortless bohemian vibe, which I love!


    1. Thanks May! I love your grunge style!

  2. Great post, babe! A friend actually gave me a ring that looks just like yours. I might have lost it though, haha. x


    1. ahah! I love the ring, it's very wearable!

  3. These look absolutely amazing on you Rennie! Love the ring as well :) x Alona


  4. Ooh, they look so cool and delicate in your hair. Not too much, but just enough to give that true boho vibe <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

    1. I absolutely love them! I agree--a little goes a long way!

  5. Great idea!!! I wanttt too!!!


  6. Que lindo, adorei 😍💓


  7. You should try using the hair tattoo too!


    1. dang that sounds so cool! I'll definitely try it :)