Monday, June 27, 2016

Music Favorites: June

Time passes so fast! I feel like 2016 just started. June has already come and (almost) gone, and I'm starting to dread summer. Yes, I said dread. This is because I have an internship this summer, and summer means I won't be able to see my senior friends as much anymore D:.

Since June is graduation season, I thought I'd better dedicate this post one of my best friends, Enoch. He supports me no matter what, and has helped me on various blogposts and helped take Instagram pictures for me. But more importantly, he is a great friend that I will certainly miss. This post is for you, Knoch :P.

New York City-Chainsmokers

I've been listening to this song non-stop ever since I heard it played one day near the basketball courts,  it's a lot lighter and relaxing in comparison to some of the other songs on this list.

Vanic x Tove Styrke-Borderline

This song popped up one day and I grew to love it. It's been on repeat so many times this past month.


A good friend of mine introduced me to this song not long ago, and I unconsciously started to gravitate towards it.

Halsey-Colors (Remixes)

Alphalete Remix

Colors (Stripped/Audio)

Yes, I love colors enough to include two versions it. The first is an Alphalete remix, which one of my good friends introduced me to. The second is a personal favourite. I think I like the remixes better than the original.

Halsey-Roman Holiday

These lyrics describe my feelings perfectly, enough said.

Lukas Graham-7 years

The first time I heard this song, I didn't particularly like it, but it really grew on me.

gnash (ft. olivia o'brien)-i hate u, i love you

One of the songs I've been playing non-stop.

Chainsmokers-Inside Out

This song is one that is very close to my heart <3. It's been my most recent favourite--I'm listening to it right now!

Christina Grimmie-Hold On I'm Going Home (Drake)

In honour of this musical prodigy, I'd like to include this song. I've been listening to this non-stop ever since Enoch performed it at graduation ceremony.

I hope you all liked my music list for June!

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  1. hi ily these are really great song choices and im proud of you for finally writing this post even though it was delayed for like a month XD "dayuuuum" i feel so honored :) k bye

  2. I love your music taste omg ✨✨