Friday, October 30, 2015

a lesson on grammar: it doesn't matter

i typically don't like to share what i write with the world.

but todays a special day, so to say. i know not a lot of people read this blog, but as i keep sayin, i keep this sort of as a diary for myself to look back at. but for those that do read this blog i want to share with you all a piece of my mind. hope you all enjoy:

Inexplicable: A poem of conjunctions and disorder and ultimately what runs through my mind.

there are somethings that just can’t be put in words. like that feeling you get when you’re almost asleep and you can feel your body slowly drifting away and your hands your legs even the funny patch of skin on your elbow are completely numb but your mind hasn’t yet been put under. your mind projects you walking up an endless flight of stairs and you just keep going up and up and up until you feel like you’ve almost reached the peak and you lift your tired leg, crunched in an almost perfect ninety degree angle and the anticipation is almost killing you—and that’s when you fall. you fall so incredibly far down down down, past the wisps of clouds that you didn’t even notice were there and you hit the bottom, and everything goes black.

pitch black. 

then you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and awake but so so sore. bruised from the onslaught of lethargy that you thought you rid of during the night. it spreads through your body, blanketing you in a layer of “tired” like an icicle in front of the fire in the coldest days of winter. 

this is honestly how i think in my mind. :P 

since this post is lacking in color (literally, since there are no pictures :P) ill add this pic--thought it was pretty fitting

i have a confession to make: i hate periods (the type that ends a sentence not the type that graces us girls every once a month). my love for conjunctions and commas, colons and semi-colons have recently manifested themselves. oh and don't forget run-ons and sentence fragments. 

these "violations" of grammar rules don't irk me; on the contrary, i feel empowered. these minute changes and tweaks not only expresses my personality through my writing, but also gives character (and ultimately emotion) to what i write. 

what all these punctuations and conjunctions have that periods (once again, the type at the end of the sentence) don't is a sense of continuity. they create a sense of possibility, a chorus of maybes and what ifs, as if the story can still go on and hope is still there.

you all may be thinking that I'm stretching it but i honestly think otherwise. maybe its cuz I'm only 16 and i don't know any better but thats what i think and i think im fully entitled to my own opinion. 

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