Friday, November 13, 2015

sunday dinners: salmon carbonara

I know I said I'll post about my Taipei trip but i really could't resist posting about this beautiful dish: Salmon Carbonara!

My family has a tradition where every Sunday, we cook something delicious at home to celebrate the beginning (and end-ish, depending on how you determine the "start" of a week) of a new week. This week, we had delicious Salmon Carbonara, which is a twist on the classical Italian carbonara, which is typically made with pancetta.

I'm so sorry about not posting a recipe on this, I'll make sure I do next time!

The salmon is really refreshing and gives the dish a little something extra!

I absolutely love our Sunday dinners, and I just wanted to share this weeks' with you! I don't know if you guys like these posts so please tell me down below if you do! I'll really appreciate some comments and feedback on my blog as well <3. I know not a lot of people read it, but if you do please give me a sign by commenting <3. 

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  1. Looks yummy! :)

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