Tuesday, October 13, 2015

randomness and shopping and LIST GALORE :P

hey all :)

i feel like junior year is passing by so fast yet so slow at the same time. did that just make sense? ugh i dunno what I'm saying anymore.

well. my school's MUN conference is this weekend, so I'm super busy T_T I'm helping out with administration, so yay thats fun (it is, but it's also super tiring)

on a side note, my birthday is coming soon (its next tuesday), and this past weekend i had a mini birthday party. it was eh. i mean i didn't really enjoy myself as much as i should've, but that's my own fault. that is also why i didn't make a separate post (i didn't take many pictures either).

i also went to taipei this past weekend, and that was exciting! i went and did a little shopping in h&m, pull and bear, and bershka. ill post a haul in no time :) i really want to go back and get a pair of black leggings, black jeans, white jeans, and a top i saw in zara though. oh well. that's kinda my wishlist for this year :P

you know what i think ill just type out what is on my wishlist right now

-Bershka white high waisted pants
-Pull and Bear high waisted pants
-white ripped skinny jeans (high waisted)
-big loose tops (zara)
-change size of my bershka top (i got a size too big)
-asymmetrical skirts
-knee high boots
-tennis skirt (american apparel-esque)
-i want to go to a recording studio and record a few of my favourite songs :)
-browse over topshop/boohoo/windsor/brandy websites cuz why not
-athletic wear/active wear (nike, UA, adidas)

hopefully i can go to taipei soon and get the first 4 items, since winter is right around the corner, and i really need new leggings (the ones i have are so stretched out from wearing them so often last winter). also, i wear jeans really often, and i don't have a pair of plain black jeans/white jeans. id also like a few more loose t's since i always wear the same shirts over and over again :P

my mom actually won't be here on the day of my birthday, since she is leaving for the states :/ but on the bright side, she can help me get a few things from the states :P so here is my wishlist #2!

-blk water
-boxed water is better water
-arizona ice lemon tea <3
-arizona raspberry tea
-brandy melville stuff
-any other clothing store my mom passes by haha. she usually gets me stuff without me asking, which is SUPER NICE OF HER. seriously i think my mom has better style than me haha.

*disclaimer: lmao i realised my wish lists are so long and would probably cost me a lot of money and i prob sound like some spoiled little brat who just wants everything. but most of the things on the list i won't actually end up buying or i will be using my own money to buy SO YEA. or maybe i am a spoiled brat. who knows. hehe. each to his/her own thoughts.

last list i promise!

here is kinda my "to-do-list" for posts and videos

-autumn lookbook
-NYC haul
-haul from taipei
-prob a giveaway soon
- haul from america (?)
-fashion edits (post)

AYYEEEE okies I'm done. back to hw <3


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