Monday, October 5, 2015

nyc adventures--day 5 (target, NYU, soho)

hey all!

i haven't posted in a week, but THAT CAN BE JUSTIFIED. i had SATs this past weekend as well as a community service trip! also i had a birthday party on friday so yea :P here is the last portion of my lovely NYC adventures!

so its like day 5 (my last full day in the states), and basically my dad and I went to visit NYU :P. we actually bumped into one of my alums! oh what a small world :P

We weren't allowed into NYU since it is opening week so after visiting we went to soho where i basically shopped for the rest of the day :P

BUT I VISITED BRANDY MELVILLE :P heh that was fun. I visited both of them (the one on prince street and the one on the main street.

there were SOOO many people in the on on the main street and the whole store was a mess--i did find a few things i loved tho! sadly there were too many people so i decided against purchasing (we were short of time). ill probably order online soon hehe :P

oooh i forgot that in the morning i went to target to stock up on some food

the graffiti in NYC is seriously the best...this really made me crack up

YESSS little italy! we left brandy melville and continued down to little italy and chinatown where we had lunch <3

Then we stopped by st. patrick's cathedral which was sadly closed :(

there was another brandy there, but i didn't find anything that i liked so we left :P


sorry this is a little rushed...im typing this at school. basically thats the end of my trip to NYC and boston!
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