Tuesday, October 20, 2015

birthday ootd

hey all!

it's my birfday! hard to imagine I've already been alive for 16 years...

it honestly is the oddest feeling.

to be honest, i really don't feel like there is that much of a difference--im still busy as the teachers still dish out hw just as ruthlessly, all the while the ache in my back is still there. i think that sentence has weird phrasing. urghhh. too lazy to care right now.

i am sooooo behind on my filming schedule right not its not even funny D:. however, i am really really active on my instagram (it's also linked on the side) these days because it is so much easier to post in comparison to youtube or blogger :P

 I'm straying off topic. my midterms are coming up so till then, i won't be uploading any new videos, though i will still be updating y'all here and on my instagram since its i can't bear not sharing my ideas :). plus its a lot easier posting a post than posting a video, since it take absolutely FOREVER for me to edit and upload and process and everything.

I'm turning 16 today, which is pretty exciting (i guess). I already had a mini bbq roast at my house a week back so I'm not having a party today. rather, i ate with a few of my good friends and just hung out. also, just as a treat, i went off and bought myself a box of macarons. I really really love eating macarons. i know one of my resolutions was to eat healthier, but its my birthday, cut me some slack :P

yes macarons are life <3

my mom is actually going to chicago tonight, so i had my birthday dinner with her yesterday. the food was sooooo delicious! i got some sushi takeout from this (pretty expensive) super good sushi place near my house.

hehe its already half eaten cuz i couldn't wait :P

it was (of course) really well made and delicious. my mom and i just hung out for the rest of the night :).

i also got a few presents that i am going to show in an upcoming haul so stay tuned for that!

also i know i need to post my new york haul, I'm getting to it! I'm probably going to combine it with my birthday haul and some other things i got recently <3

catch y'all later!

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