Thursday, February 12, 2015

last day in the states

so if i didn't specify in my last post, i'm actually in the states right now. currently im typing this post on a field on the UCLA campus. i really should start exploring the campus, seeing as i only have 20 minutes left before we head towards the santa monica pier. its 4 pm here right now. or 4:20.

and im not lying when i say im literally doing something. i hate it when pictures take so long to upload. im actually using the wifi from UCLA, so it takes 2x as long to load as usual. it also sucks how my phone doesnt have 3G here. im so used to having internet everywhere i go that it feels off when i have to make an effort to find a spot with strong wifi.


well not really. cuz technically my country is still considered a developing country. but you get me. i really cant wait to go to the beach. we stopped by the getty museum just now, and it we pretty nice. i liked it.

anywho i need to go now. ciao. ill upload pictures and make another post about my trip to santa monica when i get back.
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