Wednesday, February 11, 2015

my thoughts on life

TLDR this is basically a rant that gives you an insight of how i view the world. skip this if you dont want to read abt it. but i would recommend you read it. might make you think.

ive always hated labels. maybe that's why im such a messy person (in terms of thought). ive always steered towards the abstract, the thought, the mind. indefinite things. life itself is unpredictable and indefinite. a friend told me the other day that the closer you are to numbers, the more successful you will be in life. i dont doubt that, as our society today is driven by a certain order that some guy (or gal, not trying to be sexist, thats not my point anyway) decided to start the moment the first hunter gathers decided to live sedentary lives. in my mind, it kind of reminds me of pandora's box. this "order" or force, as im going to call it, has lead us to where we are today, and yet we are still utterly trapped. we are now governed by this force, just as clueless as that poor soul that decided that he (or she) would trade his bow and arrow for a seed.

what im trying to say is, life in unpredictable. you can choose to lead a life that is well respected by society. maybe that makes you happy. maybe you want to become famous and become somewhat of a "golden boy (or girl)" of this world. maybe you want to be a surface level philanthropist, and secretly do bad things (dont think wrong) when the media's spotlight isnt on you. im getting wayyy off topic.

i think what im trying to express is that our minds are complex. both in it structure and its function, how much do we really know? we are so convinced that we've got everything figured out. but come to think of it, math, science, language...these things were all pulled out of the air. it might as well be a figment of our imagination, and not true at all.

like i said at the beginning of this post, i hate labels. when i read through my posts, i realized i mentioned i wanted to re-do my posts/videos. however, i think im going to change it--there is no point in deleting what ive already done. all those posts originate from me, just maybe a different facet of me, rennie. i dont want to label my blog as a fashion blog, a lifestyle blog, or a motivational blog of whatever. im just going to do my thing. i hope y'all are okay with that. i know this is a huge block of text, but i hope at least someone will read it.

like everyone else in the world, i want to be heard. there are 7 something billion people on this earth. and every single one of us are screaming to be heard. but very few are actually open to listen. if you have taken your time to read this post, comment below, i promise to read, hear your voice and your POV, and reply ith my thoughts (if you wish).

ill continue this post tomorrow. right now i need to sleep.
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