Friday, January 16, 2015

clothing and bad modeling (plus COOOOOOKIE MONSTER)

SOOOOOO. i went shopping.

and guess what.

i got stuff.

YEA <3.

i actually filmed quite an extensive haul video, but then i decided to delete it. cuz you know. no time to edit. maybe i just like making excuses D:.

ANYWAY. did you guys know you cant say "anyways" because apparently it isn't a word? yea. blew me away too

so i recently got this sweater. it has A FRIGGIN COOKIE MONSTER ON IT. gah. i fell in love, what can i say.

and the beanie. nuff said <3

yessss...im the best with odd poses. i mean seriously, im obviously a natural :)

i love posting pictures, and im really active on instagram, so be sure to follow me there! my links are on the side bar (the huge circles. theyre clickable. i love the shameless self-promotion. fabulous.)

i also got these two basic long sleeves, because why not. i mean i have like 1 long sleeve shirt. i just got 2 in the same style cuz im just like that. and before you say anything, i love that green color. so plz dont compare it to boogers :)

they are suuuuuuper soft, which is awesome. a little long tho :)

yayyyyy  me trying to be model. how cute. NOT. kill me now oh gawd.

wassup with you guys? tell me below <3

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