Monday, January 19, 2015

chairing for the first time

heyyyyyy there.

so i recently (and by recently i mean like last last week? haha im like late on my posts but whatever, you guys dont judge me....at least those who read this blog dont <3) i chaired for a local conference in central taiwan. it ws my first chairing experience and to be honest i was terrified as heckkkkkkk. i mean lets be serious here. CHAIRING?

but i realized that chairing is actually really fun. the delegates made me feel at ease, and i to be honest i feel like they made me open up more. i hope i met their expectations as a chair <3

im also chairing at another conference up in taipei this april, so im excited for that <3. FEW DAYS TILL FINALS GAHHHH WISH ME LUCK.

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