Tuesday, January 6, 2015

best sushi ever?


today i ate possibly the best sushi on earth. omg. ive been opened to a whole new world <3.

i usually never eat raw fish (sashimi), but i tried the one from this store, and OMG IT WAS SO GOOD <3. i feel like i went to heaven and back. seriously. and the sauce inside (it was a little like mayo or something like that). oh my gosh. <3

the best food i got there was probably the seared sushi. if you dont know what seared means, it means that one side is cooked on high heat for a few seconds.


i got the seared salmon, and the meat simply melted in your mouth. its my favorite sushi <3

needless to say, the price tag on this was not cheap. one piece of sushi averaged around 50nt. That's around $1.50 per sushi!

however, the quality was there, and the meal itself was surprisingly filling.

overall, this was probably the best meal ive eaten this year. (get it. because its 2015)

this has become my favorite sushi place to eat at <3

what about you guys? whats ur favorite sushi store?


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