Sunday, December 21, 2014

Awkward Photoshoot at Big City!

hey guys! ive made a decision. previously, while on this blog, i always used proper grammar and such. however, i feel like that makes me feel like im writing to a professor or teacher or something. i want this blog to be all about my experiences, and i really hate capitalizing and punctuating things, so i decided this is just going to be how i write on my blog now. if you dont like it, im really sorry, but im sticking with my decisions just because it is so much easier to type this way.

now we have that out of the way, you guys might be wondering why the hell im posing so weirdly in front of a wall. yes, yes im asking myself the same thing. the only thing i can come up with now is that i wanted to have one of those really cool instagram photos where girls are just casually posing. yea. didnt work out very well but who cares? it was so fun. speaking of which you guys should totally follow me on instagram for more updates--its the social media platform i use the most, besides chat :>

i actually really adore this photo. its of me and my bestie and i love it to death omg. hehe ignore our awkward poses--ot was genuinely freezing! sigh. the good thing and bad thing about hsinchu is that it has huge winds.

anyways, thats it from me for today,

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