Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Day Out Biking ft. Jilla Active

Senior year has been a complete whirlwind - college applications, my 5 APs, working on my Instagram page - I got a little too caught up with everything that I completely skipped blogging last month. I've been trying to better myself amidst this chaos, trying to find some sense of clarity. After a short hiatus, I'm finally back at it, doing what I love most :). Also, a mini update before I get into the bulk of the post - last month was my birthday month! I'll be combining my birthday post/haul with my black Friday haul, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

To be completely honest, after school started, I've started working out a lot less and eating less healthy than I used to. That's not a good sign! Luckily, now that my UK college applications and EA schools are done, I can start getting back into my regular routine. This past weekend, I went out biking around my area in an effort to re-motivate myself. Jilla Active was generous enough to hook me up with some super cute activewear, which only served to pushed me to start exercising even more. I'll be reviewing a few items from them today!

Style Selection

Jilla Active has a beautiful array of minimalistic and simple athletic wear that is not only practicable but also stylish. The website is well organised to make navigation easier, and the have also sorted out the items by style, collection, and exercise type, which I find to be very helpful.

One of my favourite aspects is that you can filter the items to your own liking, as it helps you narrow down the items you have to sift through when shopping for the perfect fit.


Unlike most other brands, Jilla Active does an excellent job describing the fit and material of their products. When you click into a product on their website, they have a detailed description about everything you can possibly want to know about the product: the product description, details, material, fit, delivery, returns, and even payment. One thing I would appreciate is if they had the model size on there as well for reference, but that can easily be accomplished if you just email them (as I did). 

Customer Service

I actually collaborated with Jilla Active in August, but one of the items they sent over was damaged. They were super sweet and offered to send a replacement or gave me the option of waiting for the launch of their new collection and pick something out after they release it. I chose the latter, so I ended up getting the replacement product 3 months later, in November. The Jilla Active team is extremely welcoming and kind, and were not pushy with how they engaged with me. I conversed with them through Instagram Message, and they typically reply within 1-2 days, although I am sure they reply to emails faster. 


"Jilla is part of a new generation of activewear, it’s our interpretation of what activewear is missing."

Jilla is London based seamless activewear brand characterised by back to basic approach, it has been created from a passion for movement and simplicity, founded on the premise of excellent design and high functionality. Everything is designed in London by the lovely owner/designer Olivia, and manufactured in China. I love their motto and what they strive to be - athleisure is all about comfort, functionality, and style. 

Packaging/Delivery Time

Both of my packages arrived in a timely manner, taking about a week to arrive, which is more than reasonable considering the fact that they are sending it all the way from the UK. Their items were packaged like your typical big-brand company, with the clothes wrapped in smaller individual bags inside. Personally, I prefer personalised packaging, but Jilla Active's inclusion of their newest collection's flyers and thank you card made up for the lack of creative packaging. Olivia, the owner, was also sweet enough to write a note!


As I mentioned above, the first time Jilla Active sent me items, one item came damaged, so I was allowed to choose another pair of leggings. The new leggings are everything I could've imagined - and more. Thick and compression-styled, the leggings that they recently set me are really well made, with stylish paneling and little holes on the thigh for design and breathability.

The items i was sent the first time were less well made, and the material definitely felt a lot more thin. 

The finishing on the items from the first package were less refined, and the material was more scratchy. However, I do really enjoy the bra, as it is lightweight, slightly compression, and offers a lot of support despite not having padding.

The design on the back is also super cute - unfortunately this sports bra isn't for sale anymore!

 My main complaint was the fact that the leggings I got in the first package were ripped and thin. I expected them to opaque, as they are black, but they turned out to be a little sheer, and I noticed that the material already had a hole in it (pictured). Other than these two issues, the leggings were mediocre, though they were very breathable. I also enjoyed the chevron printing on the side.

The fact that Jilla Active was willing to send me a replacement from the new collection for the ripped leggings goes to show the excellent customer service they have. Judging from the new leggings I have received, Jilla Active has improved its quality drastically. I would assume that the newest collection all have very high-quality material, and I wouldn't be worried about the new leggings ripping.


For the wine Solid Balance leggings, the model is wearing size S, so I ordered size S as well - they fit perfectly. For reference, I am typically a UK8/UK10 or 25w in bottoms. The Chevron Sports bra and the Chevron leggings are unfortunately no longer in stock, but for reference, I ordered an XS for both of them. For the Marl Fit Zip Hoodie which you can purchase here, I also ordered an XS, and all of the items fit great. If you have trouble finding your size, don't hesitate to contact them! They're always very friendly.


The price varies from item to item, but in general sports bras are around £25, leggings are around £40, and jackets around £50. The price for bras and leggings are reasonable, especially for the quality and thickness of the material, but I think the jackets are a little overpriced. Even though Jilla is relatively cheaper in price point in comparison to other brands, I do believe that they could lower their price further, especially since international shipping is a flat rate of £14 outside of the EU.


Style Selection: 5/5
Size Selection: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Delivery Time: 4/5
Material: 3/5 (the first pair of leggings brought the rating down)
Fit: 5/5
Pricing: 4/5

Final Verdict: 4.25/5 

I hope this in depth-review helped those of you who are looking to order from them? Overall, I would highly recommend their leggings, especially those from their new collection, as they are so comfortable and worth the price. Motivate yourselves with me - continue to stay healthy and exercise regularly! If you want to check out their online store, go ahead and visit their website here, and maybe buy one if you find something you like (they offer a 10% discount your first order)! You can also follow them on Instagram @jillaactive!

Hope y'all found this useful!

Until next time, 


*These pieces were kindly sent to me by Jilla Active. All opinions are my own. 

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