Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby its cold outside!

Hey guys!

The weather here is finally getting colder where I live! I'm really getting into the whole Christmas feel :). My room is actually the warmest in the house, but it still gets cold during the winter. I suggest you all to snuggle up in your blankets!

I really hate getting up in the morning, especially on cold winter days (I usually find myself sleeping in way too often). The wind in Hsinchu is especially strong (we are literally nicknamed "the city of wind"), so it really gets the cold into your bones.

I find indulging in hot coco and warm baths really cheers me up. and makes the cold weather more bearable. I love winter (though it doesn't quite compare to autumn), don't get me wrong, but the ache in my bone tells me otherwise. My country doesn't even snow!

I also hate getting dry skin and chapped lips. so I usually lather on a ton of moisturizers and lip balm. Also. a tip is to not wash your hair as often. It's really cold, plus our scalp naturally produces less oils in the cold weather.

The cold can't stop me from selfies!

Snuggling up in the blankets :)

Don't forget to stay warm my lovelies! 

Let's be friends!

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Stay warm,


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