Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hey guys,

HIS IS MY 100TH POST! WHOOOOO HOOOOO <3 I'm so excited. Even though I have like no followers on this blog this is a huge achievement for me :)

This past few days I've been studying non-stop for my upcoming AP bio chapter test as well as my World History AP chapter test. Urgh I swear my teachers put all the tests in the same week on purpose ==. I've been getting so little sleep lately, resulting in me getting sick. I've been coughing so hard and I actually ran a fever this past weekend.

My WHAP and APBio Study group <3

I have so many awesome videos planned for you guys, so stay tuned! Also I might be doing a collab soon <3. I did private some of my videos, only because I wanted to re organize my YouTube Channel. YAY THIS IS THE END OF MY 100TH POST! <3 Comment below a food you love to eat!

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