Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tobi Mini Unboxing Haul

Hey all!

So I know I really need to stop buying things, but I promise this haul is super tiny. Like microscopic :D This is my recent order from tobi.com during their 50% off spring sale. Plus, they also have no minimum free shipping worldwide, which is awesome for people like me. You also get 50% off your first purchase, which is also great! I did a review of this store as a whole here. The store just so happened to be having a 50% spring sale, so my purchase ended up being $22. Amazing right?

Free shipping worldwide, no minimum! 50% off first order :)

I was waiting for this package for around 2 weeks. Finally here! 

Finally here!

I got this really pretty Painter Overall Dress in a blue floral print. I've recently been obsessed with everything overall as well as small floral prints, so this dress was perfect for me.

So exciting!

The material of this dress is really nice. I believe it is 100% rayon or something like that. Its is super airy and almost silk-like.

Such a cute floral print, don't you think?

The only complaint I have about this dress is that is is relatively short. I probably have to wear some spandex or shorts underneath, but that's no big deal.

This is what it looks like on :)

That's all I got guys! Please comment below and tell me your favorite print for the spring/summer. Follow me, it really helps me out!

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