Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Collective Haul (Forever 21, Zara, H & M)

Hey everyone!

This is most of the items I've gotten in the last two months (not including my previous haul items). I got some of the stuff online, and some of the stuff my mom got for me when she went to Hong Kong and GuangZhou for a business meeting. I bought most of the things with my own money, and my mom paid for the rest.

The first place I got clothing from was Forever 21 (I ordered off the website). I bought this really cool bralette which is a total dupe for Brandy Melville's chiyo top, and it looks badass paired under a low or open back tank.

Strappy bralette, $8.30 ($10 cheaper than Brandy!) The tank is from NET.

The next thing I got was this basic white pocket racerback ($11.20) and a white polka-dotted cross back bralette ($4.50). 

The bralette looks super adorable under the tank!

The next item I absolutely love! It is this pair of camo skinny jeans with zippers on the pockets and at the ankle. It was super cheap at $20.80, and really comfy!

Looks awesome rolled up to the knee.

The next two items I purchased looks really nice paired together. The skirt is a really pretty coral color, and the crop top says "You're Just Jealous."

Crop top, $10.20, Skirt, $6.40

The last thing I got from Forever 21 looks gorgeous paired with the crop top I got from Zara. The shorts are really high waisted, and zip at the side. I love the material of the crop top, it's so soft!

High waisted shorts, $19.10, crop top, $19.22

I also got this billowy shirt with the silhouette of a monkey on it from Zara for $28.00. The white shorts are from H & M, and it cost $15.90. They actually fit pretty snug and comfy, which is really good.

Looks adorable paired together!

Okay guys, that concludes my Spring Collective Haul. I promise I have more hauls to come, as I will be going to Europe over the summer. Also, I will try to post more frequently :) Comment below on what you want me to post, and remember to follow me!


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