Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Taipei Shopping Trip+OOTD/Wishlist!

Hey all!

So last week I went north to Taipei (the capital city of my country) with my bestie Serena (@ree.wxang on instagram) on a mini shopping trip <3. To be honest, I didn't buy a lot, but the trip was filled with great friends, great food, and so much laughter (and sore feet from shopping :P)--what more could I ask for?

We went pretty early in the morning, heading out at around 8:00 in the morning. It took us around 2 hours to get there, find parking, and walk to ATT4FUN, the main place we shopped at. It is actually located right across from Taipei 101, the main tourist attraction in my country.

When we got there, we pretty much beelined towards Forever 21 (I don't have a forever21 in my city), and spent most of our morning there.

Cheesin' in F21

One thing I really love about forever 21 is that they have really nicely lit dressing rooms and everything is nicely organised (at least the ones in Taiwan are--the ones in the states are so messy). Also, how cute are the words on the wall? It honestly brightened up my day <3.

Excuse my awkward pose!

Since I am a style blogger, here's a little OOTD for you guys! My shoes are from Keds, my skirt is from Forever21 (I got it for $3, such a steal!), my crop top is from American Apparel, and by bag is from 50% (its a Korean brand). I also stacked some bracelets (though you can't really see), which are from Pura Vida Bracelets and Cotton On. 

I got a few pieces from Forever 21 which I will be featuring on my Instagram account (@embrx.ace), so be sure to follow me there <3. 

Our next stop was at Pull & Bear, which is a European Brand. I LOVE their jeans--they fit me like a glove! I actually found a pair of high waisted jeans that I really loved last time, but I couldn't find it this time around (dang it). Hopefully I'll be able to find it next time I go (they fit really well too D: URGH WHY DIDN'T I BUY IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND D:). This time I tried on a pair of high-waisted black shorts, but unfortunately I didn't like how short it was on me. I've been looking for a goof pair of high waisted shorts for a long time and still haven't found them yet D:.

Eh. Too short you can see my chubby legs :P

After going to these two stores, we headed over to Jamba Juice for some refreshments (shopping is tiring okay D:). Jamba Juice just recently opened a store in my country and I was anxious to try it out. I had it in San Diego and I really enjoyed the Strawberry Wild.

Sadly, it was horribly overpriced D:. But at least the drinks were good! I got the Peach Pleasure while Serena got raspberry something (I forgot what it was called :P). I though it tasted pretty good, but I'll probably stick with Strawberry Wild next time. 

One thing I do want to point out is how gorgeous the interior decoration is. I mean its so aesthetic <3. 

After that we went to grab a bite to eat <3 I got this killer mushroom curry <3. 


We then continued shopping, and I picked up a few gifts for friends. By the end of the whole trip, we were both exhausted. But of course we couldn't leave Taipei without getting froyo <3. 

I was thinking about fray <3

 I almost always add fruit to my froyo. I don't like any other flavour other than plain, so I get the original with fruits and nuts. Serena opted for mochi <3.


After this we went home. HEHE. But it was a fun time, with great memories and lots of shopping, so that made me happy <3. 

AHH and I've been wanting to order from boohoo.com lately D:. Maybe after I'm done with SATs. 

Also I've been seeing this set on dressgal.com all over the place lately and I've been really wanting to order one for myself as well! What do you guys think? 


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