Monday, September 14, 2015

boston adventures-day 2 (au bon pain, quincy market, and tufts university)


new post today <3 another travel post!

so day 2 in boston started off pretty strong. my dad and i stumbled by this nice cafe-esque place called Au Bon Pain, and boy is the food there good! they had this really interesting salad buffet thing that i absolutely adored. and best of all, they had ranch dressing. i mean. let's be serious. in taiwan we seldom have ranch, so when i saw that they had it i was jumping for joy inside. besides the salad bar, they also had a wide selection of pastries and cooked food. the whole place reminded me of the mensas in germany.


sigh. its food like this that makes me love eating healthy <3.

after eating a (delicious) breakfast, we took the T (boston metro) to tufts university. 

saw this house on our way to tufts


i had arranged a campus visit and an information session at tufts uni, so i spent the majority of my morning hanging out there and learning more abt tufts.

hello jumbo! ft. dad's head

after going to tufts (where i met up with one of my alums from my school), i went to quincy market to just hang and shop. the whole atmosphere reminded me so much of europe <3

we actually passed by the union oyster house, which is the oldest restaurant in the US!


oldest restaurant in the US....wut? :P

we ended our day with some fabulous lobster rolls. let me tell you, they are fabulous <3

Luke's lobster!

this is literally my life. <3

ive never had lobster rolls before, and im gald i tried them out. i love crab, shrimp, and lobster, and this fulfills all those cravings in one meal. plus the slaw was so good. a erfect end to a perfect day!

boston skyline <3

im going to finish uploading my boston/nyc adventures by the end of this week (hopefully <3) stay updated by following me <3 also check out my social media on the clickable sidebars on the left <3

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