Saturday, September 12, 2015

boston adventures-day 1 (BU, Harvard, MIT)

this blog is basically my diary.

i promised myself i would post my memories and my emotions on here, so here i am <3

i really wanted to document my travels, mainly for myself. to be honest, i dont really know who reads this blog, so im going to treat this like my diary, if you guys dont mind. 

i went to new york at the end of this summer to visit some potential colleges since i am going to be applying next year. 

basic airplane pic <3

something that was kinda different was i only went with my dad. the relationship i have with my dad has always been one of love and respect, but sometimes i feel like im not that close to him. however this trip allowed me to change that. i feel like im so much closer, and he seems more like an friend than a father <3.

we arrived pretty late in the morning, and slept at a hotel near the airport. the next day we took a train to boston, where we settled in a pretty decent hotel. upon arriving, we got some pret a manger, which is my absolute favorite sandwich store. our hotel was near backbay station, so everything was relatively accessible. 

Pret, my absolute favorite

we passed by Newbury street, where i passed by Georgetown cupcake. i couldn't resist buying a red velvet cupcake <3

i realized there were so many churches in boston

after exploring Newbury street for a while, my dad and i started to walk towards BU. although it was around a 40 minute walk, everything was pretty pleasant as the weather was cool and dry, unlike Taiwan weather. 

i didn't particularly like BU's campus, because it lacked greenery. however, everything was pretty nicely spaced out. 

my dad and i then headed towards Harvard and MIT, which were around 30 minutes away from BU (or so google map says).

we ended up walking to Harvard, and dang the campus was fine. i simply loved the architecture of the place and everything reminded me of Cambridge.  

in a Harvard courtyard

the famous john harvard statue!

hehe ive been using snapchat a lot recently <3

after exploring harvard for a while, my dad and i started to walk towards MIT. once again, not too impressed with the campus (or lack of thereof), but my dad was ecstatic--he's a biologist so he loves everything science-related, and it turns out (shocker) MIT has a bunch of science-y companies. 

by the time we were done exploring, it was already dark, so we just grabbed some simple lunch and headed back home <3

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