Wednesday, April 8, 2015

taiwanese food the bomb

if you guys don't know, im taiwanese (#taiwanpride). if you dont know where it is, search it up right now. and no, we're not the same as thailand, thank you. 

there are a lot of downsides to living in taiwan, like the messy streets and the never-ending stream of motorcycles. but one thing that makes up for it all it the awesome food <3. 

this past "mini-spring break" (lets be honest it was more like a longer weekend ==...), i ate lots of really awesome home-cooked and restaurant food.  here are some of the things i ate!

Salmon miso ramen with seaweed and tofu cooked by dad. so awesome.

taiwan has nice mexican food too! table joe's mexican style grilled chicken questadillas with mashed potatoes :)

since hsinchu (the city i live in) is the home of a lot of hakka people, hakka cuisine is very prominent here. im actually 1/4 hakka myself, but i don't know how to speak hakka :(.

this really awesome restaurant is based in a traditional taiwanese house (its more that 100 years old by the way!), and serves the best hakka food.

it has a very organic set up, and the food there is soooo good. their chao bantiao (fried rice noodles) is one of my personal favorites.

i know this doesnt look very appetizing, but trust me, this is so. freaking. good. it is called "salted egg shrimp," and it tastes so good. promise you'll love it. i was skeptical in the beginning too. 

for dessert of course i had to eat some traditional shaved ice. we got this from a store at the side of the road. nothing much to say about it. its good. i mean seriously!

hope y'all loved reading this post as mush as i loved writing/making it!

if you ever come to taiwan, be sure to try hakka food!


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