Monday, April 6, 2015

2 minute food | BROWNIESSS

hello fabulous people! my computer has been down for the past few days, so that's why ive been relatively MIA (dw i haven't pulled another disappearing act on y'all. not that a lot of you care, but yea :>)

today i have a super simple brownie recipe that takes 2 minutes to make. yep you heard me. 2 friggin' minutes

let's get started!

you'll need 2 tbsp of:
-cocoa powder
-chocolate sauce (optional)
-cream or ice cream (optional)
-cup and spoon to stir

1. start off by melting the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds
2. dump in the rest of the ingredients (leaving out the water), and mix well
3. add as much water as needed to achieve a brownie-batter consistency
4. add chocolate sauce if desired
5. microwave for 40 seconds for a "goey" brownie and 1 minute for a more cake-like texture
6. enjoy! super super simple

if the instructions are way too hard to understand, i made a video for y'all to follow along to! <3

make sure to head on over to my youtube channel by clicking the huge youtube icon to the left of this post and check out my other videos! ill be doing another giveaway at 250 subbies <3

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