Sunday, April 12, 2015

AP season got me going like...


see what i did there. like how i linked to title and my first sentence? yea? yea? no? aw >:

i so need to work on being cooler D:


April has arrived. which means OMIGOSH ITS ALMOST AP TIME. gah. i had my mock AP chinese exam lat friday, and im going to have a mock WHAP exam this coming saturday. gah.

to make matters worse, ive been procrastinating WAYYY too much.

i mean, for example, right now. it's like 12 am, and i still need to do my chem homework. gah. i m so screwed.

and i know i owe y'all a haul. ive been promising one since forever! i got a lot of stuff in the states, and after i got back i got more things (insert guilty face). i actually recently made an online purchase from forever 21.

ANNNNND Taiwan recently opened a H&M in taipei around February, so i obviously paid a visit and got quite a few things.

btw on a side note: Taiwan is seriously stepping up its clothing game. forever 21 is opening a store in september of this year, and Bershka too! i also popped into zara a month back, and managed to snag a few staple pieces.

shopping in taipei is the best, though i do enjoy the stores in downtown hsinchu. they have some seriously cheap+cute clothing!

i know it seems like i shop a lot, but recently ive been in need for some basic pieces. i cleaned out my closet, and now it is relatively empty. instead of throwing out clothing i dont want anymore, i sell it on a facebook group that includes people from my school. this allows me to earn a few bucks, and also gives other people a chance to give the clothing some love. i only sell lightly worn (1-2 times) or new clothing, so it's not like im making money on my old, used clothes!

i seriously want to order from brandy melville/go to one of their warehouse sales. GAH WHAT IS LIFE. and they recently stopped shipping to taiwan ==. not amused, brandy!

okayyyyyy i really need to go. too much time wasting already! haha.

peace, and gluck on your AP's!
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