Friday, March 27, 2015

beautiful scenery and deep thoughts

so i was scrolling through my camera roll, and i found this picture. to be honest, i totally forgot where this was taken, and what i was doing when i took it, but you know, im grateful that i did take it. it's pictures like this that make me think. not that i don't appreciate a good food pic, but the whole set up of this picture just gives me the chills.

now one with a trained eye might say that this picture is great because it exhibits pointillism, or has a lot of layers, or something like that. im not here to talk about technicalities. the beauty of the picture, in my eyes, is not what's on the surface, but rather what it makes me think of when i see it. perspective, so to say.

perspective, in my opinion, is everything. this picture could be a map of some higher being, or just a picture of a sea port. i don't know.

pictures like this make me think about (as cheesy as it sounds) the meaning of living. not of life, but rather what it's like to be living. we focus our attention on what the meaning of life is, that we often forget to enjoy it while its happening. it's like watching a group of people having fun when you could be having fun yourself.

well this is what i think at least.

thanks for listening to my little speech. unitl next time then <3
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