Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hey y'all!

This weekend I attended my school's model united nations! I was USA in the Security Council, and we debated about the situation in South Sudan as well as in the Ukraine. Our crisis topic was regarding the Islamic State.

I really loved this time's HSINMUN because I made several new friends, and I also had the opportunity to debate in SC format. I not only learned how narcissistic USA is in the UN, I also learned the patriotic nature of Russia. Overall, this was probably one of my favorite conferences I have attended thus far in my MUN career.

Here are some of the new friends I made! I won't be disclosing their names due to privacy reasons.

The P5 Nations (from left to right) Russia, UK, France, China, USA (me!)

My adorable friends Ukraine (left) and Central African Republic (right)

My beautiful Chair (blue) and the co-Chair of HRC


Le cute China <3

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Oh and I might not be able to post this week because my midterms are coming up (next next week), and I do have to study for it (especially on my AP bio and WHAP)!

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