Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Lens and Tripod + Dinner

Hey guys!

Today's post is going to be about the new lens set and mini tripod I got for my phone :)

Btw so sorry I haven't posted in 3 days...I needed to work on my WHAP and AP Bio really bad. Oh and if you guys don't know, my first day of school is tomorrow D:

Last weekend I went to NOVA, a huge department-store-like place which has a bunch of stores that sell electronic gadgets, and got this cool 3 in 1 lens from Universal Lenses.

Camera lens, what whatttt? :)

It basically acts like a lens for your phone camera, making the images cool-looking. It comes with a fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens. For $10, that's a pretty sweet deal. The quality is decent, it serves its purpose, and I love it :) It works for all ohones too, not just the iPhone! Here are some pictures I took with the lenses.

With the macro lens :3

Fisheye :) #selfie 

The tripod is also really sweet!

I love my new mini tripod too! It has "bendable metal cord" legs that allow you to adjust the angle and placement of your phone. I got it for $1.50 too...cheap! The phone attachment was more expensive though. It was around $5. 

I also went to eat with my family at this upscale restaurant called Wang-ping as my brother's graduation dinner celebration. We didn't have to pay because we had vouchers :) Here are some pics of the food! I took them with my lenses too :)

Creme brule :) Taken with wide angle

Close up :) Macro lens

FOOOD :) Fisheye!

Another selfie! I should stop.

More food :) Wide angle also!

:) Wide angle I think?

Stop Rennie. Just stop.

Fish eye!

Haha that's a Brandy Melville sticker by the way. I was called a "walking Brandy Melville advertisement" today. Meh :3

Okay time to sleep :3

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