Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meal in Minutes: Bacon and Egg Cups, Twix Ice Cream, Pineapple and Apple Juice

Hey guys!

Phew its been forever since I posted a cooking tutorial! That being said, I really need to catch up on my music covers...hrm.

Anyway, today I'll be teaching you how to make a simple meal out of the things you probably already have in your fridge! It includes dessert and a drink too :3.

Let's get started shall we?

For this recipe you'll need:
-100ml heavy cream
-6 eggs (I know in the picture I only have 4)
-1 onion
-1 pack bacon
-handful of parsley leaves
-1 twix bar
-1 sprig spring onion
-3 thick slices of fresh pineapple (not pictured)
-1 large apple (not pictured)
-ice (not pictured)
-cheese (optional)

All the ingredients )

 You want to start off with the dessert, because this needs to freeze for about an hour. Just chop up the twix and whip up the cream, then mix it together. Chuck it in the freezer, and it'll be done in a hour. This is what I call express ice cream. It doesn't look the best, but it tastes divine! I mean, c'mon. It's twix.

Chopped up twix :)

Whippin' that cream (that's what she said)

Next, you want to chop up your onions, parsley, and spring onions. Toss the onions in a pan with olive oil and let it cook until browned.

Then you can go ahead and fry your bacon.

Look at those bacon strips! And don't get me started on the onions :)

Now you just want to grab your muffin tin, and start assembling! You don't need to grease the pan, because the bacon will do that for you. Simply line the bacon in the tin along the sides in a circular shape and then crack an egg in the middle. Then go ahead and top it off with some fried onions, spring onion, and parsley. Repeat until you run out of bacon.

All done!

Then pop it in a 180 degree (C) oven, and wait for 10 minutes.

WHile you're waiting, throw the ice, apple, and pineapple in the blender with 1/2 of water. Blend until smooth. The result is really fabulous: the apple and pineapple go so well together!


Oh yes :)

After the cups are done, they look something like this:


Looks awesome doesn't it! Wait till you taste it :).

I like my yolk a little moist :3

This is also perfect for a picnic in the park, and since it's so simple, you don't need to worry about messing it up.

If you want, you can also add cheese on top of it.

After you're done eating this, take out your twix ice cream and enjoy!

If you end up making this, do send me a picture to my links below!

Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more fun!

<3 you guys as much as I <3 bacon :3,


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