Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hey guys!

If you are subscribe to me on YouTube, you will know I have been putting off making this video for a while now (just because I did't want to edit it). But I finally bit the bullet and stayed up all night editing this video D:.  I actually re-filmed this 5 times, and changed my filming location 3 times because I wasn't happy with the results (I'm kind of a perfectionist sometimes). And then when I was finally happy with the footage/editing and was going to export the movie, my computer crashed on me, so I had to spend another additional 3 hours to re-edit the footage (curse my computer).

Anyway, all that aside, I finally have this video up! Please do check it out, because I spent so much time filming/editing it! Drop a comment on my video, and remember to click the thumbs up button if you liked it! Also, remember to subscribe for more videos!

Oh and check the information in the down bar, I have something exciting to say! I might not go through with it (but still follow the Instagram page for updates :3) but it is an idea  I want to see come true.

Okay no more stalling....DRUMROLL PLEASEEEEEE!

Enjoy :)

Oh and by the way I already changed the thumbnail on YouTube, so if you still see a weird still of me holding sunglasses, it'll change soon :)

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