Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finals week haul!

Hey guys!

Okay. I know I said I wouldn't haul anymore, but clearly, I was lying. D: Sigh. OH WELL. This week is finals week, and I shouldn't even be out shopping, but knowing me, I did just that. I really liked the things I got though, so I hope that it can justify my actions...haha :)

Everything I got :)

The first thing I purchased was this shampoo. Not much to say. I was out, so I got a new one. It smells nice :)

VS Sassoon Frizz Trimmer Shampoo, $6.20

The next place I stopped by was NET. Who's surprised? Not me! Haha :) I got this shirt that says "Let me be myself." I thought it suited me (check out my video and you'll get what I mean). It's really soft, and its not cropped, but its not full length either.

Easy fit graphic tee, $13

Then I went to the stationary store to buy this box to store my feather extenstions. I'm actually starting up a feather extension booth at a local flea market near my house soon, so stay tuned for a post/video about that!

Clear box, $1.50

The last place I went to was Cosmed, a local drugstore. I was looking for a nice lip balm for everyday use because the one I currently have is way too heavy for the summer. I found these from Maybelline, and I actually really like them so far. Originally, I was going to buy another brand, but this brand was on sale for +$0.03 to get an additional one, so I decided to buy it. I'm glad I got this, because it smells nice and moisturizes without being too heavy. :) I got one in protecting and another one in smoothing. One smells like strawberry, and the other like honey.

Baby lips, 2 for $1.50

The numbers on the bottom haha :)

This last item I don't even remember purchasing :O. I found it in my bag when I got home. I was going to buy it, but then I remembered putting it back. I guess I did buy it in the end :3. It is this revlon colorburst matte balm in the color complex. Recently I've been very into nude lipstick (just ask my bestie), so I got it :3.

Revlon colorburst matte balm <3

Here is a swatch of the color. 

I got it in the color 230, Complex      
That's it for my haul! If you want to see my vlog, it's here:

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