Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wild Daisy Haul and Review

Hey lovelies!

I know I just did a haul yesterday, but I really wanted to show you all what I got online :3.

My bestie and I ordered together off this site called Wild Daisy  a few weeks back (she ordered for me and I paid her), and the clothes just arrived a few days ago.

The first piece I got was this muscle tee that says "The bags under my eyes are designer." I love muscle tees, and the graphic is so me, so I had to get it :).

"The bags under my eyes" muscle tee, $20

The next item I got was another muscle tee that says "coolest loser," and Lisa Simpson doing the loser sign with her fingers. I thought this graphic was just too adorable to pass up, so I picked it up. It was also $20

It looks cute tied up and paired with leggings!

The last thing I got was a ring. I really wanted to get a midi ring, so I decided to buy this double band midi ring from there.

Double banded midi ring, $5

Onto the next part of this post: the review!

I would rate Wild Daisy a 3/5. The quality isn't that great, and it seems cheap (cheaper than Forever 21). The material is kind of scratchy too. The graphic itself is made of iron-on transfer paper, making the front part of the shirt hard and it feels like a layer of plastic stuck on the front of your shirt. The designs are really awesome, however it is insanely overpriced for such a low-quality garment. I do not regret my purchase, but I probably won't be ordering from them again until they improve their clothing quality. In terms of customer service and shipping, the girl who owns the store was super nice about it. The first package she sent out was lost in the mail, so she generously re-sent it for us. After the package was re-sent, we got it within a week. Overall, I've had a pleasant shopping experience with Wild Daisy, but the quality needs some serious work.

Hope you liked this haul, and comment below on what I should post next! Follow my blog if you liked it, it helps me a lot!

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