Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coldstone Creamery: Rock 'n' Roll Blu

Hey peeps!

So I decided to put up another short post to make up for the one I missed yesterday :D You all excited?

So after we arrived back from Taipei, my mom and I decided to grab some ice cream. We stopped by Coldstone, and I got the best cotton candy ice cream ever! It was seriously delicious. I would eat it everyday. I love cotton candy ice cream (I think it is probably my favorite, next to mint and vanilla). The one I ordered was called Rock 'n' Roll Blu, and it had raspberries, oreos, and whipped cream in it, with a cotton candy base. Mmmm!

Rock 'n' Roll Blu, $4

I hoped you like Coldstone as much as I do! Tell me in the comments below if you've tried it before, and be sure to follow me for more posts like this! I am also welcome to post suggestions, just comment!

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