Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Relaxation: A Spa Day

With AP's and SAT 2's coming up, I've been spending most of my time studying D:.

Unfortunately, I am a full-time student. and blogging is more of a hobby for me. Of course that doesn't mean I won't blog--instead I might miss a few posts here and there (especially around May/June).

Last month I went to my first ever marathon in Taipei sponsored by NB. I ran a total of 11 km, which is the most I've ever run. Wasn't even sore afterwards :). 

When I went home, I decided to have a "mini-spa day," running myself a bath and putting on a few face masks.

I used "Shoot for the Stars" bath bomb, which was a really pretty explosion of purple and blue. Lush actually closed all their stores in my country last year, which is really sad (I think their contract ended). Luckily, I still have a sufficient stash with me (btw this picture isn't mine).

The lighting in my bathroom isn't great, but the bath bomb was really pretty. Since this bath bomb has been sitting in my room for over 8 months, some of the baking soda was inactivated, but that was mainly due to the humid Taiwanese weather. 

The lavender purple color was really relaxing, and there were micro glitter in the bath bomb that made it feel that much more luxurious.

When I take a bath, I typically bathe then take a shower again to wash my hair, as it tends to be oily. The bath left my skin smooth and really relaxed my muscles.

After the bath, I used Lush's Mask of Magnaminty to exfoliate and clean the grit off my face. My brother actually got this for me when he came back this winter. I originally wanted the fresh pot, but he got the self-preserving one for my by accident. I think I still prefer the fresh one, but I guess this one lasts longer.

The mask itself is extremely minty, and the self-preserving one is much wetter than the fresh one. You can really tell that they put a lot of essential oils in it. The oil and product tend to separate, so I had to stir it before I use it.

Typically, I leave the mask on for 10 minutes (or until the mask dries), and wet my hands, rubbing the product into my skin to exfoliate my skin. Then I go in with a towel and wash it all off. The mask leaves my skin pretty nice :).

I don't usually use masks, but I decided to try this one out, and it's actually pretty nice. It just moisturises your skin.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Tell me what products you like to use in the comments :). I have lots of posts scheduled, so stay tuned :3.


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