Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday Skate Sessions

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself skateboarding.

Hi, my name is Rennie, and I have absolutely no balance.

I remember when I was younger, I would try to "skate" on my brother's skateboard and end up face first on the pavement. But recently, I decided to take on something new and try skating again. With (a lot of) help, I managed to learn how to skate a decent distance before skidding to a halt (thankfully not on my face). I went ahead and ordered a not-penny-the-brand Penny Board in white and black (obviously, since I wear no colour).

If you don't know what a penny board looks like, it looks a little like this:

The cool thing is you get the effect of a skateboard, except you have the benefits of a smaller, lightweight, and more compact board. In general, I think this is more travel friendly, and easier to manoeuvre. The kick tail at the back of the board really helps me a lot.

It's actually quite simple to skate--you literally just kick off and balance on the board. To turn you simple lean with your feet in the direction you wish to turn in.

The day I got my board, I was so excited I started skating in my house hallway just to test it out.

Since I felt super cool and professional (note the sarcasm) on my skateboard, I decided to look the part and dress in all black.

Hoodie: Local Store
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: Local Store
Board: Yahoo Bid (Dora Mklong Board)

I genuinely enjoy dressing in all black. I don't do it often, as I like to mix and match black with white, green, or grey (hah). There is a certain feeling of empowerment black allows me to feel.

This asymmetrical zippered bomber jacket is my new favourite--I feel like it puts a modern twist on the everyday hoodie. 

Since the next day was 2/28 memorial day in my country (Taiwan), we had Monday off. Of course I spent the whole day skating and hanging with friends!

Honestly trying new things make me really happy. Learning how to skate has made me more willing to go out and move instead of staying home and eating (oops).

My fantastic photographer, aka Serena, always manages to capture the coolest shots!

Yes, yes. I was sitting in an empty swimming pool. PATHETIC I KNOW BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL. 

Here I am, casually sitting on sharp rocks...haha!

I met up with my good friend Serena and we ended up taking a bunch of photos together. The weather was beautiful, and I definitely enjoyed skating on an empty open road!

She also had the cutest outfit! 

Cardigan: Brandy Melville
Necklace: Brandy Melville
Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Kate Spade
Boots: Local Store

Jacket: Nordstrom
Top: Tobi
Leggings: Caco
Shoes: Vans
Board: Yahoo Bid (Dora Mklong Board)

We also took a few polaroid pictures <3

Discovering new hobbies and exploring new places is so imperative, especially when you are young. I intend to continue learning new things! 



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  1. aw, you're so pretty! I used to *try* to skateboard when I was 14 but I was never good, lol. I could ride and attempt to turn, and the only trick I could do was an ollie. I even tried to drop in on a ramp and really messed up my knee that I still have a scar from hahah x


    1. Aww thank you!! Don't worry I kinda suck at it too. It's so fun though!

  2. alright i cant help myself for not saying " I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT "
    Playing skateboard is kinda dope tho