Sunday, September 20, 2015

nyc adventures--day 4 (columbia, times square, more froyo)


im super proud of myself--ive been posting on this blog regularly :P. i set a goal for myself this year to continue my blogging journey, as it is pretty dang therapeutic.

so upon arriving at NYC, it was already pretty late. the hotel we were living at was around harlem, so we checked in and got some rest.

taiwan seriously needs to step up its snap sticker game

the next day, we headed towards Columbia university, which was located around 96th street.


stunning :P

for a university located in the middle of a city, columbia's campus is simply stunning. it reminds me of cambridge or oxford. we tool our time exploring the campus, and went ahead and got some lunch. we actually brought it into the campus and ate on a bench. the weather in new york is so much better than the weather in Taiwan, so we made the best of it and had a mini picnic outdoors :P

California sushi rolls :P

pasta salad :P

can you imagine me as a columbia student? :P

i actually really want to go to columbia. if i end up choosing to go to the states for college, i would probably go to columbia, given that i get in. 

after a few hours of campus tour, my dad and i walked from columbia to times square. yea, you heard me right. we walked :P. we actually passed by a michaels, which made me super happy :P. 

on the way there, we passed through central park, which is simply beautiful--it's like a mini jungle in the middle of new york.


more froyo pls <3

remember how i told you guys that i got my dad addicted to froyo? yea we passed by another pinkberry, and like the basic white girls we are, we got another bowl of froyo <3.

yay me and dad

we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, and there were so many stores around times square!

times square tourist pic :)

hershey's factory house :P

grand central station 

i actually didn't buy much in times square--a bralette and a top from urban which i will show in a future haul <3. 

we then went home. ill continue the new york adventures in the next post!

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