Sunday, September 6, 2015


hey guys!

the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of events and exciting news--that's why i haven't posted in a while! (dont worry, i wont stop posting suddenly...again haha!)

i've been in new york and i actually just started the first week of school too. but before i get into that, id like to (formally) introduce to you my new fashion instagram account.

previously, i always linked my personal account on this blog (if you go to my older posts you will see). but now, i think i want to change things up a bit. if i run a fashion/lifestyle blog, it wouldn't make much sense to link my personal instagram now, would it (i post really personal pictures)?

so, in the spirit of aligning my social media up, i have made a new fashion instagram account. it's called: @embrx.ace (just click on the instagram icon on the left and it will bring u there).

i mentioned it in my last post, but i just wanted to reiterate! i am super proud of it and i hope you can go and follow me there. i post almost everyday! im also almost at 100 followers <3

ill be updating again soon, i promise!

here are a few sneak peaks to the pictures i post :P

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