Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Europe Trip Pictures

Hey you all!

Here are some of my pictures that I took while I was in Europe :)


Cherry from a local farmer's market :)

The oh-so-trendy VOSS water (I got it in Norway hehe)

Chilling at the UK border

Favorite sandwich restaurant ever. 'nuff said

Best lunch combination: Chicken avocado sandwich with sparkling apple juice.

The musical. Was. WICKED.

Apollo Victoria :)

This awesome man who sold me some CRAZY good red velvet. 

Oh yes, England welcoming me home

Newcastle church

Newcastle University!

Newcastle :)

Carrot juice at wagamama

Pork ramen at wagamama :)

Kinder surprise


Hotel in Leeds :3

Beautiful view :)

Beautiful breakfast :)

Lots of shopping bags...(this calls for a haul!)

I'll upload more pictures soon :).

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Love you all,

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